Faux positifs

Date 10 février 2017 Catégories "Maths" / Divers par VulgaireDev

En statistique et en machine learning, on utilise souvent la notion de "faux positifs", "vrai positifs", rappel, précision ... Nous allons expliquer ces concepts aujourd'hui.

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Eight Queens Puzzle

Date 31 décembre 2016 Catégories Algorithmique par VulgaireDev

You have a chessboard of 8*8 square. You have 8 queens. Your goal is to place the 8 queens on the board, without any of them threatening another one. A queen is threaten if she is on the same row, or the same column, or the same diagonal of another queen (like in the rules of chess).

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Faces detection with caffe

Date 20 novembre 2016 Catégories Algorithmique / Developpement par VulgaireDev

This is a project I worked on recently : detecting faces on an image thanks to machine learning (using caffe for CNN).

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Introduction to caffe

Date 7 novembre 2016 Catégories Developpement par VulgaireDev

Today, an article about caffe, a framework for convolutional neural network (machine learning). Caffe is quite famous, but its documentation is terrific. In this tutorial we will train a model, and use the python interface to ask the Neural Network to classify an image.

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Numérique et éducation

Date 28 octobre 2016 Catégories Divers par VulgaireDev

Parlons un peu du passage au numérique dans l'éducation. Il y a deux-trois points qui me titillent que je voudrais partager.

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Disqus comments and article submission

Date 16 septembre 2016 Catégories Developpement par VulgaireDev

A quick article to explain two new functionalities of vulgairedev.

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OCCInterface and ExploREST

Date 2 septembre 2016 Catégories Developpement par VulgaireDev

OCCInterface and ExploREST are part of the result of my work this summer. Check it out !

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How to include Markdown pages in React

Date 13 juillet 2016 Catégories Developpement par VulgaireDev

The main project i am currently working on is a playground wich illustrate the possibilities of a REST API, which aim is to normalize and unify the cloud management (more infos on a next article, i guess?).

To do so, I use React. One of the features of this playground is that, like in a Documentation, you have some Readings. You click on a Menu, then you can read on a specific location of the page. In a previous project, I did it with HTML files that I included, but we wan do way better. We can use Markdown.

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